• Planning
        • Editorial Calendar
        • Content Strategy
      • Creation
        • Templated WordPress Websites
        • eBooks
        • Whitepapers
        • Blogging
        • Presentation Design
      • Distribution
        • Web Copy
        • Social Media – Page Management
          • (Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Pinterest)
        • Social Media – Profile Audits
          • (Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Pinterest)
        • E-Mail Marketing
      • Analysis
        • Website Audit

Here’s how to get in touch:

Ph: 773.329.1739

One thought on “Connect

  1. Hi Brent,

    I sent you a LinkedIn invitation. Most of my work is just me as these days I do more project management than strategy or content development. But you never know. 🙂

    You are a bit more sophisticated than I with your blog and other tools.

    I belong to a group called MENG They have a pretty active networking function where folks can request input/resources. Might be worth a look for you.


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