A No-Frills Approach to Progress in 2016

Today is the last day of the 2015. New gym memberships will be registered. Bold 11 p.m. declarations will be made. Regretful make out sessions will occur in hallways and guest bedrooms all over. Hopefully after the dust has settled and pragmatism sets in we can really focus on where we are and where we’re [...]


The 5-Minute Journal Experiment

Yesterday, I was listening to Tim Ferris’ podcast. The topic was “The Magic of Mindfulness”. Mindfulness is defined by Tim as “a present-state awareness that helps you to be non-reactive”. It’s an arena I’ve dipped my toe in a few times, but never fully jumped into the pool. I’ve tried meditating with “Calm” (it’s an [...]

Endorphins, Emotions and Metaphors: A Twitter Soliloquy

I was at the gym the other day — it’s kind of become my little sanctuary now. It’s where I go to confront internal conflicts floating around in my head. It’s where I go start my days on a positive note. It’s where I go when I’m stuck in a creative rut. Most importantly, it’s where I [...]

Musing About Money, Careers and What Matters

I had a brief conversation online with a friend the other day. He’s considering leaving his job in marketing for a role in finance. Not many people are qualified to easily make a shift like that seamlessly, but his background and network could make it possible. Stereo-typically though, marketing jobs are fun, invigorating, full of [...]