6 Skills that All Stellar Content Strategist Have

6 Skills that All Stellar Content Strategist Have_bgtrotter

A little while back I went to a Meet Up for a Coursera class that just wrapped up at Northwestern University called, “Content Strategy for Professionals 1: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization”.

The course is lead by Prof. John Lavine and Prof. Candy Lee of Northwestern’s Media Management Center and Part 2 has just started up.

The purpose was to meet the professors, other locals taking the course, and get our burning content strategy questions answered by the experts.

During the discussion, I made an observation about many people who seem most equipped for “Content Strategist” roles at agencies and organizations: Many who find themselves with that title seem to come from journalistic backgrounds working as editors, reporters or even bloggers.

e.g. People who understand narrative. People who know how to get our attention and keep it. People who know their audience.

Underneath the titles are a set of skills and attributes that are pretty consistently found in good content strategist.

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What Meerkat, Periscope and Mobile Live-Stream Video Could Mean for Brands


Periscope, a live streaming video app that allows you to share and watch live video from your phone, was acquired by Twitter back in January. The confirmation came via Twitter in March. When Facebook, Google or Twitter makes an acquisition, we pay attention.

At that point, the app was still in beta and not live for public use.

Not long after the acquisition, Meerkat, an app that does virtually the exact same thing was debuted at the SXSW festival in Austin, TX that took place March 13 — March 22. The app quickly gained buzz at the festival and climbed the ranks on Product Hunt and made it’s way onto the phones of thousands of early adopters.

This isn’t the first time that live stream video has rapidly garnered our attention, though. In 2007, the likes of Justin.tv (now defunct) and Livestream were the talk of the town. Their popularity blossomed and withered before they truly became part of our daily verbiage.

However, many people believe that this time will be different.

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