4 Mandates for Communicating Like a Good Human

I just recently returned from a vacation in Dubai. It’s a pretty big and awesome city. It was my first legitimate international trip. (Passport requirements aside, the Caribbean doesn’t count). Did I mention how fortunate I am to have experienced that? It almost goes without saying. While overseas, I realized how much of a challenge [...]


I Don’t Trust You, Please Come a Little Closer

Some friends and I have this WhatsApp chat group to keep in touch since we’re spread all over the country. + 1 for technology. The contents of this ongoing conversation can range from weekend plans to political debates (sorry, Chuy) to time-sensitive flight deal glitches to jump on. Sometimes we talk about dating, too. One [...]

Trust, Transparency and Keeping it Real

In 1973, a study was published in the journal Science (riveting title) by psychologist David Rosenhan that tried to answer a simple question: ‘if sanity and insanity exist how will we know’? Eight totally sane people were recruited and secretly admitted to various hospitals across the country. ‘Sane’ meaning “people who [did] not have, and [...]