4 Mandates for Communicating Like a Good Human

4 Essential Rules for Effective Communication_bgtrotter_medium

I just recently returned from a vacation in Dubai.

It’s a pretty big and awesome city.

It was my first legitimate international trip. (Passport requirements aside, the Caribbean doesn’t count). Did I mention how fortunate I am to have experienced that? It almost goes without saying.

While overseas, I realized how much of a challenge communication in large groups, small groups, with strangers and barterers in a suk can be.

So I wrote down some rules that should help the flow of good communication for everyone, anywhere.

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I Don’t Trust You, Please Come a Little Closer

Some friends and I have this WhatsApp chat group to keep in touch since we’re spread all over the country.

+ 1 for technology.

The contents of this ongoing conversation can range from weekend plans to political debates (sorry, Chuy) to time-sensitive flight deal glitches to jump on.

Sometimes we talk about dating, too.

One of our friends likes to screen shot ridiculous messages she gets from would-be “suitors” along with her cynical responses and share them with us.

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Trust, Transparency and Keeping it Real

Trust, Transparency and Keeping it Real

In 1973, a study was published in the journal Science (riveting title) by psychologist David Rosenhan that tried to answer a simple question: ‘if sanity and insanity exist how will we know’?

Eight totally sane people were recruited and secretly admitted to various hospitals across the country. ‘Sane’ meaning “people who [did] not have, and [had] never suffered, symptoms of serious psychiatric disorders”.

As the premise went, if the staff could detect their ‘sanity’, that would suggest we could distinguish the sane from the insane.

If not, then the support of traditional ideas regarding psychiatric diagnosis could be challenged.

So what happened?

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