Brent Trotter

Hi. My name is Brent and I’ve got a vision.

I want to empower organizations and individuals to bring their ideas to life. Hopefully in doing so, I can help them become the best versions of themselves.

As it turns out, communicating your vision is an important piece of convincing people to get moving in the same direction.

I believe the secret sauce of influence is somewhere in the center of this Venn diagram — authenticity, storytelling and empathy.

Presently, I work with small businesses and organizations to create and plan their content, communications and brand messaging strategies online. The ultimate goal being to help them attract the right customers and employees for their organization.

Previously, I worked in Account Management at Ogilvy & Mather. I was hired when the agency won the global S.C. Johnson business to help plan, execute and optimize their digital marketing programs.

Prior to my time at O&M, I spent some time at iProspect as a Junior Search Marketing Analyst, learning about paid search, SEO and display advertising.

And before that, I interned at Edelman Berland where I gained experience conducting secondary research, media analysis and reporting for a range of clients.

In these roles, I’ve gained an array of experience managing projects, clients, cross-functional teams and looming deadlines.

I learned that I’m at my best when exploring and experimenting with new ideas, connecting people together and focusing on the big picture. Oh, and that optimism is like rocket fuel.

My passion for the media industry is driven by my desire to understand people and words and use that info to solve problems — from social to interpersonal to commercial.

And understanding people is all about connecting. So let’s do it.

Here’s how to get in touch:

Ph: 773.329.1739

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