What I Learned Playing Personal Trainer for a Day at X-Sport Fitness

This past weekend, I got to live a day in the life of a personal trainer at X-Sport Fitness. I didn't plan to write about it either. But it turns out that the experience highlighted some useful lessons that can be applied to everyday learning and development. It also shed some light on some other [...]


Simple Ideas for Executing Better Right Now

For 3 years, I worked with a phenomenal group of people in various departments at my former company. One group I particularly learned a lot from was the Project Management team. We frequently came to them with quick-turnaround projects, asking for help in putting together plans to get from point H to point Y. (that’s [...]

Something Worth Writing Home About

The other evening, I was standing over the sink, zoning out with the zen of hand-washing dishes. Mid-zen, my wife walks in the door and kisses me on the cheek. My subconscious asks the customary question: “how was your day”? She replied, “Oh, nothing worth writing home about” and heads into the bedroom. I raised [...]

7 Symptoms of Highly Effective Hustling

I’m not naturally a hustler. I’m easy going can usually be found on cruise control. It’s my natural state when I’m not passionate about something. That’s true of many people. I have moments where I can flip the switch and get motivated, too. It’s usually when I have my eyes on some short term goal [...]

Uh Oh, I’m Stuck: What to do About it When You are too

Ever since I decided that I was going to be a writer, writing has gotten really hard. I think I’m still pretty okay with spelling and punctuation, but the act of stringing thoughts together to form meaningful sentences is agonizing. And paragraphs? Don’t get me started on paragraphs! I remember when I was drafting my [...]