Musing About Money, Careers and What Matters

I had a brief conversation online with a friend the other day.

He’s considering leaving his job in marketing for a role in finance.

Not many people are qualified to easily make a shift like that seamlessly, but his background and network could make it possible.

Stereo-typically though, marketing jobs are fun, invigorating, full of mid-day boozing and attractive, interesting people.

What’s so bad about that? Why would anyone want to leave?

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On Baltimore: Distress, Distractions and Discipline


Photo Credit: Jim Bourg / Reuters

For quite some time, I’ve kept my thoughts on the issues affecting minority communities around the country to myself.

Occasionally, I’ll share my thoughts with my wife or a close friend.

But mostly I’ve spent my time listening to understand and not to reply; to conversations on blogs, in the news media, on Facebook, etc.

I think I finally have a little better understanding of the various perspectives weighing in on the issues of which there are many.

Since writing is thinking on paper, I wanted to try to organize my thoughts and opinions on the subject.

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Swimming Against the Current

Swimming Against the Current

Photo Credit: Justin Leibow

My favorite time of the day is every morning between 4 a.m and 6 a.m.

The roads are clear. The gym is empty. The house is quiet. My mind is fresh.

I always feel like I’m getting ahead of the rest of the world.

Whether I’m reading, exercising, working or thinking — it feels like everyone else isn’t.

But that’s not actually the case.

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Involuntary Role Models

Involuntary Role Models_Cory Neives

10-year old entrepreneur, Cory Nieves, Photo Credit:

Did you know that you’re someone’s role model?

Somewhere out in the world, there’s a kid, a colleague, a friend, a relative — someone — who thinks the world of you.

It might be easy to identify them. Maybe you’re a famous athlete. Maybe you’re a professor. Maybe you’re a parent.

But it might be harder. You might inspire or impress someone and be totally unaware of their admiration for you. Maybe because of your title or just your proximity.

You might be a role model to your parents; to your boss; to a friend. You could even be a hero to YOUR heroes.

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